Hope Explored

Here’s a warm invitation which is also a challenge: have you, as a thinking adult, really taken time to seriously explore the big questions of life? 

If the Christian claim, that real and lasting hope for everyone can be found in Jesus Christ, might possibly be true, wouldn’t it be worth 7 weeks of your time to sit down and discuss the big issues that face us as human beings in a friendly, informal group with some short films and tea and cake? We explore these questions in the light of Mark’s account of Jesus’ life and use the excellent Christianity Explored materials all of which we’ll provide for you. You can bring any question you like and you don’t need to know anything about the Bible in advance. You won’t be asked to sing or pray or read aloud. 

We run these groups a couple of times a year in different venues and we’d be happy to tell you more if you’re interested. It’s about hope for a broken world so why not join the many who have started exploring with us over the last few years?

We also run another 7 week course called Life Explored, which you can do instead of or before or after Hope Explored. Life Explored looks at where we, as human beings, try to find our purpose and fulfilment and how the storyline of the Bible makes sense of those deep longings and the wrong turns we often make.


9th February 2021 – 7.45-9.15pm

The next Hope Explored course starts Tuesday 9th February 7.45-9.15pm via Zoom. If you would like to know more, please contact us here and watch the video below.